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Conventions & Corporate Events

groovy concepts conventions and corporate events imageCorporate conventions present a rare opportunity for capturing highly effective video content. Few other events enable company presidents, top VPs, board members, stake holders, key personnel, company clientele and students to be in the same venue at the same time for a number of days. Few other events provide such a large platform for keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, and demonstrations. Few other events allow you to showcase your products, services and innovations while securing sales and converting new clients.

At Groovy Concepts, we are your one-stop-source for all your media production needs at your conference. Whether you’re planning your own conference or are participating in a trade show, Groovy Concepts has you covered. From fully interactive video production to photography (linked to page), we can manage every aspect of your video and photography requirements and even offer same-day turnaround for evening screening of the day’s events. We are highly expereinced with the fast paced and unpredictable nature of conferences and can adapt to changing circumstances on the fly.

Planning a convention or event can be an overwelming experience… let us make the media production side easier for you! Feel free to scroll down and view all our media production service offerings customized for corporate conventions.

Conference Video Web Page

groovy concepts conference video web page imageLooping Video (for Trade Show Booth, Kiosks & POP Displays):

“If we build it, they will come”

When you’re participating in a trade show event, during that day your booth is arguably just as important as your website. Throughout the event, your booth and your sales team are on the front lines of opportunity. Prospective clients are passing through all day long looking for new vendors just like you. But what happens when your sales team is speaking with prospective clients while other potential clients are walking by? How do you stop these other prospects from getting away? Our videos can help in 2 very important ways:

1. Our videos act as an attention grabber. Although your booth may have a flashy style and set up, nothing catches the eye quite like an engaging video created by Groovy Concepts. Looping videos playing on a number of screens throughout your booth can make all the difference in attracting potential traffic and can deliver your message fast.

2. Our looping booth videos work as an autonomous sales rep. They can quickly explain your products and services and can create a powerful buzz while your sales team is speaking with other prospects.

Looping video is an integral part of the modern trade show and so video screens should definitely be included in the design of your booth. Groovy Concepts can produce high impact videos for your booth through our broadcast quality live-action video services or through our electrifying animation services. And for more experiential video attractions we can also produce 360 or VR videos viewable with Google Cardboard or Occulas Rift headsets. Trendy 360 or VR video experiences can increase the flow of visitors to your booth. Once the word gets out that you’re offering a VR experience at your booth … look out!.

Keynote Speeches:

groovy concepts keynote speeches imageKeynote speeches, presentations and panel discussions are among the key attractions at conferences and trade shows. This is where big announcements are made, important awards are given, and cutting edge information is shared. Video production allows you to repurpose of all this information as on-demand content or to just keep a record of what was discussed at the event.

Groovy Concepts can capture all keynote speeches and individual presentations throughout your event using broadcast quality cameras and audio equipment and can edit your videos to create a unique piece that you can use for months, even years to come. We can also include all your presentation slides and media in your final edited videos.


groovy concepts interviews imageInterview video content is among the most effective form of video. CEO messages provide a face and a voice to your brand while video testimonials deliver an honest review of your products and services from real customers. In our fast paced business environment, video content like this can be the difference maker in customer acquisition.

However, one of the main challenges in creating interview videos or customer testimonials is getting all the interviewees together for a shoot on the same day. But conferences create a unique opportunity to bring all of these potential interviewees together at the same place at the same time.

At Groovy Concepts, the interview video is one of our main specialties. With over 15 years experience conducting and filming interviews for brands and government agencies throughout North America, we are ideally suited for filming highly engaging interviews. Our unique interpersonal approach puts interviewees at ease while directing them to deliver honest case studies, addresses, and testimonials. The Groovy Concepts team prides itself on production value and uses the fine art of lighting and cinematography to create beautiful backdrops for your interviews, creating videos that reflect positively on your brand. Interview video content can then be posted to your website, social media feeds, or it can be included in future Corporate Profile or Promo videos.

Conference Promo Videos (coming soon)

Video content is key for promoting your upcoming conference or event. Video helps show participating companies the scope and scale of your event as well as the volume of attendees – important for showing in realtime how many people attend your conferences and the amount of people they can expect to visit their booth.

Once we complete filming on your conference, we can then produce a promo video(s) for you to promote your future conferences or trade shows. Promo videos can include engaging shots highlighting the number of booths and attendees at your event, keynote speeches, special guests, gala and networking events, awards, entertainment, logos and names of sponsors and participants, and much more.

Daily Highlight Videos (with same day turnaround)

groovy concepts conference video daily highlight videos imageOne video feature that is gaining tremendous popularity in the corporate convention space is the Groovy highlight video. Imagine screening a fully edited highlight video at your evening gala highlighting products, demonstrations, special guests, keynote speeches, and all the key events that have taken place throughout that day.

At Groovy, we can shoot and edit an engaging highlight video for you for same-day or next-day screening at your event and/or via online landing page. Same-day or next-day screening creates an interactive video experience that will engage and excite attendees. These videos can then be posted online to promote your next convention.


Groovy Concepts also specializes in Corporate Photography. Our services include onsite candid photography coverage as well as full set up for corporate headshots. Our onsite candid photography is perfect for capturing keynote speeches, a ribbon cutting ceremony, booth setups, and shots of people interacting. Photos like this are an irreplaceable tool in the marketing of future conferences and/or for use in your social media campaigns, website, monthly newsletters, articles, case studies, and blogs.

And unlike most photography companies, at Groovy Concepts the photos we capture ALL BELONG TO YOU. The rights of every photo that we shoot is the total property of YOUR COMPANY. Groovy Concepts DOES NOT reserve any rights to your photography content. Once shooting and requested retouching is complete, we send all your photography images to you to use as you require.