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Unboxing Videos

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Unboxing Videos

Toronto consumers are increasingly turning to YouTube to help them shop. Twenty six percent of shoppers say online videos are their main source for gift ideas, and 32% of shoppers say they plan to use online video more this year for holiday shopping, according to Google/Ipsos MediaCT’s 2015 Consumer Holiday Intentions Study As people continue to turn to YouTube for their purchase decisions, “Unboxing videos” have become a growing phenomenon.

Unboxing videos feature the unpacking of new products, especially high tech consumer products. They provide a handy service to viewers who want a behind-the-scenes look at a product before they commit to buying it. Finding a reviewer that is prepared to walk you through every feature of that device is priceless. To keep viewers engaged, Unboxers often bring a unique style to their product category. Some put their own personalities front and center, turning their faces into a trusted brand, gaining followers. Others have a specific shooting style that might feature time-lapse style footage set to catchy music, or close-up beauty shots of a new product.

In 2015 alone, people in the U.S. have watched 60 million hours of unboxing videos on YouTube, totalling 1.1 billion views, according to YouTube data. The research also shows that Youtube has become an important part of the purchase process for consumer electronics. A surprising 64% of consumer electronics shoppers watch consumer electronics videos on YouTube one week before they purchase and 65% do so the week after they purchase, according to a Google Millward Brown CE Study in December 2014.

With 2.7 million subscribers, Unbox Therapy takes a deep dive into the latest electronics on the market and gives the consumer a thorough insight into a potential purchase. Its unboxing video of the iPhone 6s and 6s plus generated 1.5 million views and 126K engagements, proving there’s a real appetite for this kind of content.

There are a number of very effective ways that brands can take advantage of this booming trend:

Hire a media production company and create your own unboxing videos for Your Products

Companies have started uploading their own unboxing videos to official YouTube channels. This clip of the new Xbox One from Microsoft that has been watched more than 3 million times.

Ikea also took full advantage of the unboxing trend this September when they launched their own parody video around the launch of the new iPhone range.

Another very effective practice is to use Youtube’s TrueView feature on your unboxing videos.

TrueView specializes in helping viewers shop directly from the videos they’re watching. With TrueView, ads appear as an icon on the top right corner of the Unboxing video. When users click on the icon, Cards will drop down, and users will be able to scroll through images and pricing information about products featured in the Unboxing video. If users are interested in purchasing, they can simply click the image and they’ll be taken to the retailer’s website to learn more, read reviews, or click to buy.

As consumers in Toronto continue to seek out Youtube for gift ideas and insights on products they are interested in, it makes sense for marketers to take full advantage of the power of video and Youtube.  If you’re looking for a new and effective kind of video marketing campaign for your company, Unboxing videos may be the way to go. This holiday season, a good Unboxing video campaign on Youtube may set your products and brand aside from your competition and help give your sales that extra boost to finish the year strong.