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Capture attention. Make a lasting impression.

According to Marketing Sherpa, web pages containing video animation attract two to three times as many monthly visitors, double their time spent on websites, and enable a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

Video animation has the power to super charge your video marketing campaign while presenting information to your target customers in a clear and simple, but highly engaging style. Viewers of animation and video retain 58% more information than they do when they just view images along with black and white text. This is because video animation caters to both left and right sides of the brain. Animated videos are an ideal way to help tell your story when your ideas and business concepts are difficult to tell with live action video alone. Video animation is highly effective on it’s own or in combination with live action video. Video animation is a great way to grab and hold consumers’ attention as it’s interesting, easy to consume, and different.



























video animation toronto - motion graphics

Motion Graphics

In terms of marketing, Motion Graphics is definitely the most popular form of video animation today and it’s effectiveness in delivering your message and keeping your viewers engaged is unquestionable. Motion graphics is an animation technique that combines images, illustrations, words, music, sound effects and video, creating a fun, attention grabbing twist to the presentation of your product or message. Today, Motion Graphics is extremely popular in leading media portals, in fact you have probably already seen many examples of motion graphics explainer videos and ads on TV, Youtube, government and company websites, social media and more. Motion Graphics can utilize 2D and 3D elements. Creating effective motion graphic projects requires highly skilled animators with a keen eye for light drama as well as an in-depth understanding of comedy and how to apply it. At Groovy Concepts, our animators are top-flight professionals with years of broadcast television and film experience. Motion Graphics is one of our specialties.

video animation toronto - 3d animation

3D Animation

3D is the gold standard for animation. With 3D video animation, virtually anything can be attained on screen and its uses in the media are endless. From film and television to online ads and video promos, 3D animation pushes the boundaries of reality and can show you perspectives only dreamed of. View the inner workings of an innovative new engine from within the engine itself, explore a block of new high-rise condominiums before they are even built, follow a rocket on its journey from land into space. The possibilities for dynamic advertising, thorough demonstrations, and powerful promos are endless. Creating 3D video animation takes a highly sophisticated system and demands vastly experienced and creative specialists to produce it. At Groovy Concepts our animation specialists have years of broadcast experience building 3D animation for logos, titles, info graphics, characters, and much more. Contact us today for more information about our 3D animation services.

video animation toronto - whiteboard animation

White Board Animation

In recent years Whiteboard Animation has become increasingly popular in the corporate media world, on YouTube and Vimeo. Whiteboard animation is a creative technique that can be produced through time-lapse or stop motion techniques as well as through other modern video animation techniques. Classic whiteboard animation begins with a white screen (the whiteboard). As the narrations begin explaining products, services, and company message, a live action shot of a hand with a marker or pencil enters the frame sketching a number of fun doodle-like images, literally “drawing the picture” as the narrator is speaking, thus empowering the message in a fun eye-catching and entertaining way. At Groovy Concepts we have some of the most creative and experienced specialists at our disposal to create incredible whiteboard animations for your company. Call today for more information.

video animation toronto - live action animation

Live Action/Animation Hybrid

Depending on the end requirements for your video marketing, another great use of animation is to combine it with live action video. There is a countless amount of artistic techniques for this hybrid style. Imagine filming your spokesperson over green screen, and after post production, we see her walking through an animated virtual world explaining your company message while corresponding images and text materialize all around her – an entertaining approach to catching and keeping your viewers attention throughout the video, efficiently delivering your message. A more common and straightforward approach is to produce a live action video with selected segments created in video animation such as technical demonstrations, or info graphics showing industry statistics… there are no limits to what can be achieved with Live Action/Animation Hybrids.


Concept Development

Great animation videos begin with great concepts. We can meet with you in person at your location or through Skype or conference call to discuss your brand, company image, your products and services, and the message(s) that you wish to deliver to your target customers or clientele. From there, we discuss the best options for stylistic aesthetics as well as the narrative approach for this animation video. The concept should be thought of as “the vision” for your animation video(s). Once we finalize a clear and concise concept (or vision) for your animation video(s) and project deadlines are established, we can begin to move forward with the next stage of the project.

Script Development

The script is where the animation video concept is transformed into a blueprint where you can accurately visualize how the video will play out in terms of aesthetics and timing. Groovy’s video scriptwriters have vast experience in writing powerful scripts and have the ability to bring even the most elaborate concepts to reality. At this stage, the “story” as well all lines are written for the narrator and/or characters. A script draft is created and submitted to you for feedback. The script can then be edited if required and upon your approval, we can then move forward to the next stage of the project.

Storyboard Development

Storyboarding is a very important step for any successful animation video. The storyboard is a visual treatment of all of the scenes in the project drawn out in order of how and when they will appear with the corresponding text descriptions and/or character lines included below each corresponding shot. Storyboarding allows the client to get a glimpse of how the animation video will play out artistically and can request last minute changes as necessary. With a storyboard, we can also accurately plan out exactly how many different scenes will be required as well as the scale of animations to be created and can estimate the amount of time needed to properly produce your video animation. Storyboarding is a necessary step in production management for both animation video and live action video production.

Animation Building

Upon approval of script and storyboard, we then begin to build the animations, record voiceover narrations, gather sound effects, and apply royalty free music to your project. As we proceed, Groovy conveniently submits work-in-progress drafts to you via web link to our online video preview server. We send this link to you by email and at the click of a button, you can view your project from any computer or device. Our preview server page can be instantly shared with your colleagues. During this stage, any revisions or adjustments you require will be carried out and sent for approval. We then move onto the final stage of the project.


Video editing is an essential part of the production process, where raw footage is transformed into a polished and professional end product. At Groovy Concepts, our video editing services deliver stunning videos that captivate your audience. Whether you’re looking to produce a corporate video, a social media ad, or an instructional video, our team of professional editors have the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life. At Groovy Concepts, our trend-setting style is what sets us apart from the competition. We strive to create videos that are not only informative but also entertaining, making your message stand out in a sea of content. Our state-of-the-art editing systems and experienced editors ensure that your video is transformed into a masterpiece that exceeds your expectations.

Video Encoding and Transcoding

Groovy Concepts encodes your approved animation videos into premium self-contained video files which can be published online for video marketing, delivered to you for internal use in PowerPoint presentations and events, and can also be outputted onto DVD and Blu-ray. Encoding is a very important process. When people watch corporate videos, they expect to see high-resolution images and to hear clear audible sound throughout the video. At Groovy Concepts, we encode high quality video files with crystal clear audio in any video format and technical specification you require. We can even transcode (re-encode) any existing video files that you may already have on file from past projects. Encoding can be a complicated subject for non-video production professionals. We can advise as to the best formats and specifications for your end user needs. Some of the typical video files requested by our clients today are:

– QuickTime H.264 (.MOV, .MP4) – Windows Media player (.WMV)
– HTML5 (.html5) – Flash Video (.FLV)
– Audio Video Interleave (.AVI)


Online Video Publishing and Marketing

Publishing your videos online is essential for video content marketing and is a crucial process that must be done correctly to attain the beneficial results of video. Groovy Concepts has been creating online video content for over 10 years and with our vast experience in online video publishing, we can advise you as to best practices for embedding your videos onto your website, posting your videos to the leading video sharing and social media sites, as well as how best to create online advertising campaigns. We also offer turnkey online video publishing and marketing services that build brand awareness and enhance customer loyalty. With Groovy Concepts, you can ensure that your videos will be delivered in the highest quality possible with the greatest reach across desktop computers, mobile devices, social media, and video portals. Call or click today for more information.

DVD / Blu-Ray Mastering, Duplication, Replication, & USB Sticks

DVD/Blu-Ray discs are a very simple and effective medium for the delivery of your video(s) in hardcopy form to your colleagues, associates, and clients….. most people today have DVD players in their homes as well as built into their computers.


Groovy Concepts can create elegant custom DVD and Blu-Ray master discs for your completed video(s). Your DVD/Blu-Ray discs can be free-playing/looping (great for tradeshow kiosks– just drop the disc into your player and it will auto-play and continually loop throughout the day) or we can create interactive DVD/Blu-Ray discs which can be handed out as digital brochures. Interactive DVD/Blu-Ray discs can include dynamic menus, company and product information, photo slideshows, etc.

DVD/Blu-Ray Duplication:

As well as creating a DVD master disc for your video(s), we can also duplicate DVD/Blu-Ray discs. The duplication process is ideal for low volume orders of under 500 units. In the duplication process the DVDs or Blu-Ray discs are “burned” in a multi burner duplication device using blank discs. Orders include up to 5-colour inkjet disk printing (disc label art), cases (slimline Jewel cases, DVD Amaray cases, clamshells, etc.), case inserts, assembly and packaging. Turnaround times can range from a day to a few days depending on volume. Contact us today for more information about our duplication process.

DVD/Blu-Ray Replication:

DVD/Blu-Ray replication is ideal for high volume DVD/Blu-Ray disc orders of over 500 units. In fact at Groovy Concepts, we can accommodate replication orders of over 1000 units, 10,000 units, 100,000 units, and more. In the replication process, a high quality glass master containing all the information from the original DVD/Blu-Ray master disc is created. The glass master is used to develop a stamper. The stamper, in turn, is loaded into an injection molding machine that creates DVD/Blu-Ray replicates. Through each successive step, quality and accuracy is consistently monitored to insure each disc is an exact replica or clone of the original. A layer of micro-thin aluminum is applied to the polycarbonate disc. It is then lacquered for additional protection and printed before packaging. Orders include up to 5-colour silkscreen printing (disc label art), cases (slimline Jewel cases, DVD Amaray cases, clamshells, etc.), case inserts, assembly and packaging. Turnaround time can range from 7 days to a few weeks depending on volume. Contact us today for more information.

USB Sticks:

USB Sticks are a versatile and cost effective medium to use for showcasing your videos anywhere your sales and marketing campaign takes you. Because it is a mini hard drive, the USB stick is ideal for use with tradeshow kiosk video screens (for looping videos), presentations, and for sharing your marketing videos and other materials with colleagues, associates, and clients. USB sticks can also be customized and personalized for great kiosk “swag” for your visitors. At Groovy Concepts, we can accommodate USB stick orders- large and small, for all of your sales and marketing needs. Contact us today for more information.

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