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Fine Tune Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video Production Oakville – Video Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that video production plays a massive role today in online marketing. In fact, according to HighQ, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide regard video as the type of content with the best ROI. A good video marketing strategy is an essential key to success regardless of the type of business or organization you’re in.

However, as with any other marketing strategy, video marketing must be done right to achieve success. It’s all about strategy. Today, one of the most effective strategies being used by many of the leading brands is the Triple H strategy. Triple H stands for “Hero, Hub, & Hygiene”. This strategy was created by Youtube and has been used by many top brands and household names worldwide. Many marketers today are creating whole Youtube channels around this strategy. The Hero, Hub, & Hygiene strategy actually combines three different kinds of video content together into one channel.

Hero content is the more traditional video marketing approach. Hero videos are large-scale events or programs that drive mass awareness; oftentimes around product or event launches. Hero content builds awareness at a much broader scale to reach the mainstream. According to YouTube, Hero content is something that should be produced on average 1-2 times a year for a brand and will entertain and inspire the viewers with emotional storytelling. This usually generates a large boost in both traffic and brand awareness. Hero content is usually big-budget and often brings in big-name talent, or stunts…. something that can’t happen often.

Volvo Trucks’ “The Epic Split”:

Redbull’s “Stratos”:

Pepsi’s Joe Flacco Football Party:

Hub content is meant to entertain and keep an audience coming back. According to YouTube, this content should be “regularly updated,” “valuable and engaging,” and should encourage people to “Subscribe, Like, and Follow”. It is regularly scheduled “push” content and is really the content that your core audience should want to come back and enjoy time and time again. A great example of this would be “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. The channel regularly posts the most popular bits from the show to not only drive viewers to the channel, but back to the television show as well. This is the core business of most traditional YouTube channels: posting, entertaining and engaging content on a regular basis to keep their audience coming back.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:
Who is job 2.0?:
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

Hygiene content is more searchable content intended to draw in viewers who may not already be watching your videos or buying your products. Hygiene videos are created around the core interests relevant to the ideal viewer or target consumer. Oftentimes this content is specifically created to capture viewers searching key terms related to the brand. For example, if you’re a computer software company, your content could be how-to videos helping your consumers navigate your product. People tend to find hygiene videos through search when they’re looking for answers to a specific question.

Gillette How to Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PL5urOKdhITFTNYhuNtWQGVr6c8c5Wt-iH
Home Depot How to Videos:

Today, video marketing strategies demand a highly intricate approach. Gone are the days when Oakville based companies would depend on the success of a viral video for their entire video marketing campaign. Today, brand channels need to have a solid foundation of Hero, Hub, and Hygiene content to draw viewers in and turn an audience into a community. This may take some time, patience, and effort creating your video content and developing your audience. However, in the long run, the Triple H strategy will deliver tremendous ROI to your company and can bring your brand to the next level.

Recap: The Triple H formula:
• Hero – large scale videos that reach the masses at scale
• Hub – regularly scheduled content geared around customers’ major passions
• Hygiene – always-on videos that are optimized to viewer’s intentions
and interest