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Using Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads yield amazing results for Oakville corporations, marketers, and small businesses (including Oakville video production companies like us) who leverage the platform effectively. Whether your objective is to close sales, build a list, or gain a large amount of new followers, fans, likes, and clicks; Facebook video ads provide a powerful path to targeting your ideal viewers with engaging content. But which Facebook video ad formats are the most effective?

We’ve looked at pages from national brands, dozens of Oakville marketers, and Oakville businesses. We evaluated the success of the video ads based on their publicly displayed views, likes, comments, and shares. We discovered that all the top ads fit into 3 major video formats.

#1 Educational/Informational Shorts

These fast-paced, short-form instructional videos have been made popular by media giants BuzzFeed, Tastemade, and Food Network. Smaller creators too have jumped in on the game with exercise videos, crafts, and even makeup tutorial versions of these popular videos. These videos are fun and highly shareable because viewers can watch the entire video quickly. Their short durations (30 seconds on average) fit in perfectly to this new age of social media video sharing. Stylistically these video ads usually incorporate time-lapse demonstrations and incorporate text and images so that the audience knows exactly what is happening without having to turn on the audio.

#2 Gifs

This video ad format refers to the animated Gif and is an animated image or series of images that move like a video. The Gif leverages one of the web’s most popular forms of viral media with sleek movements that catch and retain attention. This style was made popular by Facebook Insights, Corona, and Time Magazine and is now being utilized by many leading Toronto companies and agencies. The best GIF ads use a collection of still images that are animated inside larger content. They can incorporate sound effects, music, and camera animations to provide a sense of motion and reality. Animated Gifs can generate a wealth of views and deliver a ton of shares … but they have to be created properly.

#3 Worksafe Ads

Worksafe videos use text or captions to tell the story without having to turn the volume on. This makes the video safe for work environments like cubicals areas where playing audio would be disruptive. This expands your viewership to those individuals sitting at work, riding on the bus, eating lunch in a restaurant, etc.

As Facebook began to roll out the captions feature, savvy creators like Buzz Feed saw opportunity to engage viewers by adding titles and narrational text without any audio at all. Worksafe videos use titles to help tell the story. The captions feature can help you reach an international audience of non-English speakers. We are now seeing this style of video being posted from a variety of companies throughout Oakville.

These top three video ad formats for Facebook perform incredibly well. While each of these formats are being used by major Oakville corporations and brands, the style of video translates well for smaller Oakville businesses too. As Facebook continues to mature as a video platform, Oakville marketers who gain reputation early on will reap the rewards of being positioned early. Always remember that with any video you create, always use a trusted professional video production company with proven results. Whether your marketing on Facebook, Google, or any other social media platform, your video production success in Toronto will always depend on the quality of your videos and their ability to capture your viewers’ attention.