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Video Editing Software Ain’t Cheap

Hey everybody … it’s John and it’s Thursday which means it’s time for another Captain’s Blog.

For our own video production purposes at Groovy Concepts, we use very high end video editing software installed on very high end computer workstations. But, not everyone can afford such high end equipment so I thought I would share some of the other popular software programs you may consider using for yourself.


This video editing software works on both Mac and PC computers. You can use this for resizing raw video clips, scaling clips, trimming sequences and so much more. What I really like about this one is the price … FREE! With it being free to use, there are some minor drawbacks to consider like lag times and overall editing speed.


This offering is from NCH Software and is 100 percent free for non-commercial use. You can do some drag-and-drops, various effects, transitions and even some 3D video editing. A useful feature is the ability to export movies direct to YouTube in a variety of resolutions.

Freemake Video

This software if not really for editing rather it functions a video converter. It’s simple to use and does offer some editing features that I like.
You can also add subtitles, clip out unwanted sections, strip out audio tracks and merge videos together.

VSDC Free Video Editor

This full-featured video editing software is only for Windows PC computers. It is one of the more complex programs in this category. You can add content like lines, text, shapes, charts, animations, images, audio, and
subtitles. You can also export your videos to many different file formats.


iMovie is for you “Mac Heads” out there. Yes … we are “Mac Heads” here at Groovy Concepts and some of our more simple video production projects would work using iMovie software however we prefer to stick with the high end stuff regardless. A really great feature is the ability to make 4K-resolution movies even from your iPhone or iPad and do the final video production on your Mac. Neato.

Movie Maker

Movie Maker was the industry equivalent to iMovie on the Mac. It used to come pre-installed with earlier versions of Windows but you can still download it reasonably easily … this is why we LOVE Google … right?

When you need a helping hand with your video production and editing here in Oakville, give Groovy Concepts a call. We have the experience to do it right.

We. Are. Video Production. Oakville.

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