Video Production Tips and Tricks – #2

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Video Production Tips and Tricks – #2

Hello everyone … Captain John Secondi with a few more general video production tips and tricks for you …

Video Transitions – Fade To Black

There are several popular transitions used in video production such as fade to black and/or cross dissolve. Many of the other transitions are more distracting than useful. We suggest that you just use fades unless the production dictates otherwise.

Holding Shots – Hold It, Hold It …

When planning your holding shots you should ensure to hold the shot long enough so you have move to use in the editing stage. For still shots, hold for 5-10 seconds. For moving (panning or tilting) shots hold for 5 seconds before and after the move. The reason to do this is to prevent “quick cuts” by need rather than by design.

B-Roll Footage – Maybe Not Your A Game?

B-roll is video production footage that establishes the scene showing detail to make the video more interesting. B-roll footage is commonly used when shooting interviews. You present footage covering what your subject is talking about in addition to showing them during the interview. B-roll footage is often used to cover any jump cuts during editing.

Using Text – What Did That Say?

When you display any text on screen you should ensure you do long enough for the viewer to read it through. We suggest the “2x text rule” … keep the text onscreen for twice as long as it takes most to read it through one time.

Keep It Simple – What Are They Trying To Say?

When planning your video production, plan your shoot beforehand by starting with simple storyboarding to keep the production clear and concise. Concentrate on your message first and let the rest follow this lead. Remember, form over function may not work to convey your message clearly.

Use Proper Technique – Pull That Focus?

Make sure you know how to use your equipment properly including setting the focus manually. Blurry shots are more common than you might expect and are unusable in most every case. Understanding how focus works with depth of field will help you perfect your craft. When determining how best to focus, zoom all the way in first, adjust the focus and then zoom out. This is a trick used by even the most skilled camera operators in Hollywood.

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We. Are. Video Production. Oakville.

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