Make Your Thumbnail Image Stand Out with Colour

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Another Rule of Thumbnail: Colour

Make Your Thumbnail Image Stand Out with Colour

Bright colours will make your thumbnail image pop. Of course, that doesn’t mean to go completely overboard. Do just enough to differentiate your video from the others. Don’t settle for the existing colours in your image. Use photo-editing and graphic design software to boost the saturation in the thumbnail image just enough to make the colours stand out over other thumbnails. Even small adjustments to the hue and saturation can attract viewers directly to your thumbnail. Consider applying a filter to your thumbnails. Even something as simple as sharpening the edges can have a subliminal effect on thumbnails. Remember, video production in Toronto is highly competitive. Edge out the competition with an appealing thumbnail.

The Next Rule of Thumbnail: Include a Face

Include an Enticing Image of a Person

Putting the extra effort to create a winning thumbnail is a great way to ensure success in the competitive word of video production in Toronto. People are naturally drawn to faces. Try to choose an image that will draw the eye and entice people to click. Emotional facial expressions can also go a long way to engaging viewers to watch. Extreme close-ups are one type of thumbnail that can amplify emotions. Thumbnails that show laughter, joy, sorrow, anger — all can draw attention to your thumbnail. Make the viewer wonder, “what made this person feel that way?” — and compel them to click on your video thumbnail to find out!

Here’s another Rule of Thumbnail: The Action Shot

Find an Image Packed with Action

Another way of capturing attention in the fierce competitive world of video production in Toronto, is to use an action shot as the thumbnail. The added sense of motion will encourage viewers to click on your video to see what it’s all about. The Slow Mo Guys are known for conducting crazy experiments, and along with optimized titles, they almost always include the main action shot from their videos on their thumbnails. The amount of clicks they get shows just how effective this approach can be.

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